Classic Dressage
Reinhard A. Dorsch
Welcome to Classical Dressage and Horsemanship
Training of Rider and Horses up to FEI Grand Prix
Reinhard is an international FEI level trainer, competitor and
coach who has shown, trained and instructed in Germany,
Austria, Canada, Mexico and the USA. His students have been
very successful at shows, including several National
Champions. Reinhard  competed in Dressage, Jumping and
Combined Training in Germany, Austria and Mexico. In the
U.S.A., he was the Head trainer of riders and horses of the
Royal Lipizzaner Stallions Show for five years. He now
trains  several horses and riders within the greater San
Antonio, Texas area and is available for lessons and clinics.
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His philosophy reflects a classic training style and he believes
in training correctly from the beginning in order to achieve
true harmony with the horse. He and his students have
enjoyed success at all levels of showing.

Reinhard is an experienced dressage trainer that can help you
and your horse achieve your training and competition goals.
Reinhard has a broad background in riding, teaching, and
training that includes Combined Training, Show Jumping, and

Reinhard specializes in competitive dressage and
dressage-based horsemanship and he has competed up to
Grand Prix Level in Dressage.
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For more information please contact Reinhard at
Reinhard is a German licensed professional with over 35 years
experience in multiple disciplines and with many different
breeds. Reinhard offers dressage training programs
individually tailored to best suit the needs of the horse and
rider. All levels of horses and riders are welcome. He resides
since many years in San Antonio TX where he works as an
independent trainer-instructor and gives clinics at various
places in the country.