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Reinhard is an upper level competitor/trainer/instructor offering classical training
and instruction with sound techniques, patient and clear. He does not teach only
what to do, but why and how. He focuses on the little things that make the
entire presentation better. You will feel secure, relaxed and know exactly what to
do when you are practicing on your own and horses will learn each aid
consistently and become dependable partners to work with.

Reinhard does not believe that you can put a rider and their horse into a mold
and treat them all the same way. His emphasis is placed on the understanding
between horse and rider, which comes from a secure and correct position. He
does not believe in "training gimmicks" of any kind.

Reinhard is very thorough in his teaching and believes that you need to have a
good position and a correct understanding of the aids to ride your horse in the
proper frame. If you can do that, then the movements come easily. Reinhard
offers training of horse and rider through the levels to Grand Prix. He specializes
in helping you to achieve your goals whether starting your and your horse's show
career, or advancing your and your horse's skills to the FEI levels. Reinhard has
prepared several of his students/riders to become professional trainers and

Reinhard is available for private and semi-private lessons. He believes that
establishing a good foundation is essential to creating the best riders and that
there are no quick fixes. When riders come to him with problems, he will try to
find out the reason why the problems are taking place; he treats the origin rather
than just the symptom. Reinhard also understands that riders tend to only want
to do what they are good at, rather than face up to themselves to do the tasks
that are difficult for them.

Clinics: Reinhard is available to conduct clinics nationally and internationally
throughout the year. Reinhard works on short term goals with the students, but
also gives them long term goals to work on for a follow-up clinic. His guiding
principle is to develop a relationship based on trust and harmony between horse
and rider.
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